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The 3rd cohort is made up of entrepreneurs and technologists who have immersed themselves in the I'M IN accelerator intensive, as a launch pad to develop innovations that are propelling the growth of the tech industry in Africa through addressing problems with unique solutions in the agritech mobility, big data, E-commerce, EdTech, Vsaas, IoT, marketplace and enterprise vertical industries.

During this 10 month intensive the cohort underwent business skills trainings through masterclasses and workshops, market linkage and commercialisation support, technology advisory as well as business growth mentorship and coaching; in addition to a seed convertible note of R1.5 million each.


Founder: Velani Mboweni

LULA Loop logo (1).png

Lula is a platform that connects corporate commuters to private shuttles on their way to work, saving money and freeing up time, by having less cars on the road. Corporate ride sharing.


Founded in 2016 on the principle that without access to transport, people can’t access economic opportunity - LULA sought to bridge the inequality gap in emerging market cities by providing access to convenient, sustainable, and affordable mobility in Africa. Accessible, safe transport. One LULA at a time.


Founder: Zukile Mkhalali

Notam Logo.jpg

Notam provides an enterprise end-to-end data platform, that empowers customers to manage their projects efficiently, seamlessly, and cost-effectively for improved business decisions. They provide the ability to perform faster surveys & efficient progress verification using advanced AI and drone 3D mapping.


They offer remote project evaluation, 360 degree view of all assets, sharing of data with external parties, track changes and enhance collaboration. They currently operate in the construction, mining and inspections industries.

RSA Made

Founder: Karamba Jabbie

An online platform that gives South African manufactured products an amplified online presence, both locally and internationally, showcasing Proudly South African products to the world. Partnered with Proudly South African, these two successful initiatives work synergistically to promote the manufacture and consumption of locally made goods.


The online platform is fast, efficient, simple and safe where consumers can browse through the store, read the description of the items and make informed decisions prior to checkout. With increasing transactions happening over the internet, the company is working closely with the industry’s best pay gateways, giving the customer the peace-of-mind that their personal information and purchases are always safe. From receiving an order to its ultimate delivery, their focus is to provide the quickest reasonable turnaround time when it comes to giving the consumers what they want.



Founder: Mukundi Lambani

An African language content platform for early childhood learning that uses augmented reality (AR) to make education interactive and fun. They are currently focusing on a B2C/B2B2C model for transactions.


​Their offering includes purchasable books that come to life in the AR app along with games, series, songs for learning and tutoring classes for learning African Languages. The 'Ambani Africa AR' app is available for free download on the Google Play store or the Apple app store.

​It is currently available in six languages: isiZulu, isiXhosa, Setswana, Sepedi, Tshivenda, and English.

0115 Kurai Logo-04.png


Founder: Clive Mathe

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platform that enables farmers to reap full, healthy crops through drone crop spraying and cutting-edge monitoring technology.


Data driven farming is the future of agriculture, and that future is here. Kurai’s cost effective, cutting-edge precision agriculture services include: crop analysis, crop spraying and soil analysis. Multi-spectral drones are used to collect and analyse detailed images of the crops. The health status of the crops and further insights are provided on a continual basis. Timely notifications are provided on if there is a pest infection, poor soil nutrition, dehydration or physician damage of the crops anywhere in the fields. The company goes one step further to assist on acting on the insights by spraying pesticides or applying fertilisers when the situation requires so along with other crop treatment solutions.

Paisa Logo Final-01.png


Founder: Lesego Pitsoane

Founded in 2016, the company focuses on intelligent security systems, occupational health and safety, and other fields where the safety of people may be involved.


Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is becoming a common tool to monitor people. PAISA’s intelligent video analytics converts video images into data to reduce time to report incidents. The technology is based on extensive research and patents within Computer Vision. Real-time alerts configured according to a precise set of conditions are sent to the nearest applicable personnel when needed. VSaaS with the PAISA technology is seen as a far more valuable tool for public safety and law enforcement.



Founder: Obins Choudhary

cARscan is an augmented reality-based mobile app that assists customers to record the car condition while giving them an awe-inspiring user experience. The cARscan algorithm has been trained on millions of car images in various conditions to bring high accuracy in identifying anomalies in the visible condition of a car.


The team behind cARscan is made up of world class Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts eager to solve real world business problems through the best utilisation of data and machine learning. The team has proven themselves in building disruptive and innovative AI products for the banking, insurance and automotive industries that were adopted by millions of customers, for which they garnered the Best Data Science team award from Gartner in 2016 and many other Global data and innovation awards.



Founder: Curtis Young​, Mawethu Soga & Bayabulela Jolobe

A WebApp that matches post warranty car owners with experienced and reliable mechanics. On demand mobile auto mechanics.

The guys (& girls) who bring car care to you!

Our goal is to make car care affordable, convenient, and transparent.

Having to worry about that pesky service light is not only a time-consuming and frustrating experience, it is often expensive (people take chances out there). As a car owner you often lack visibility regarding the quality of mechanics or fairness of price.  At the same time, the mechanics who put in the hard work fixing cars make peanuts at repair shops and definitely don’t get the recognition they deserve.


Founder: Hepsy Mkhungo


An integrated, cloud-based digital platform that facilitates seamless collaboration and transparency between stakeholders to achieve supplier diversity and small business development.


Linkage makes it easier for corporate companies and SMMEs to work together in terms of SMME: recruitment, verification & grading, onboarding, business development support management, facilitation of funding and granting access to procurement opportunities. Linkage has automated and digitised this process, allowing both procurement teams and ESD specialists to work together towards a common goal of integrating SMMEs into supply chains through transparent workflows that respond to the unique challenges presented by a corporate environment.