I'M IN Accelerator Investment Readiness & Valuations Webinar

The objective of this conversation was to get some of the thought leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to share their investment thesis and impart their knowledge to technology startups on preparing for capital raising in South Africa.

In this webinar, our panelists, unpacked how investors valuate, conduct due diligence and negotiate term sheets with startups.

With our experience, we've discovered that most startup entrepreneurs have a misconception about the investment return expectations that investors have, and this leads to a misalignment in the partnership between the two parties. This discussion was in essence geared towards demystifying investor expectations and criteria thus gives startup founders an appreciation for the science behind these expectations and criteria.

Panelists: Andile Kumalo, Sinesipho Maninjwa, Themba Ntini, Keet van Zyl and Clive Butkow

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